Paula Bailey Brent - fine jewelry
Diamond Pin RepurposedElements from Family Jewels
Made into a New Ring
24kt. GoldGreat Great Great Grandma's 
Garnet and Pearl Broken Necklace
Made into Earrings 
for all her Female DescendantsGrandma's Jade and Diamond Very Worn Ring
Remade to be able to wear with 
Sentimental Wedding Band
14kt. GoldVintage Gold CharmsGold Pieces AssemblageDiamond Wedding Set24kt. Guard Bands using
Diamonds from Old Ring
to embrace Antique Engagement RingEarrings from mom's ringRing from 
Antique ElementsAustralian Opal
14kt. Gold 
Rearranged for Contemporary Look Bolo Tie 
Made from Father's Belt BuckleCameo Pendant Necklace24kt. Gold Guard Bands
Added for GranddaughterSterling Silver Bracelet 
Made from Uncle's Tie Clip 
Diamonds and 18kt. Gold AddedPendant
Broken Pieces Reconstructed 
From Photo of Great grandma's Earrings 
Sterling Silver Bracelet 
Made with Nursing Pin 
 and Aunt's Rubies
To maintain the integrity of an heirloom treasure
while finding a way to adjust as minimally as possible
for the new wearer to enjoy
is a particular kind of puzzle I love